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Franck Laraque:

A Great Voice From the Haitian Diaspora

—by Pierre and Terry Leroy

In Franck’s younger years, he was an Army officer under Haitian President Paul Magloire. He was part of a non-traditional group of soldiers who held unusually distinctive artistic and humanitarian values. He was particularly noted for his equestrian ability. It looked like Franck was destined to live in his beloved homeland and be a force for change. But the cruel path of much of Haiti’s history and the ascension of Francois Duvalier into power sent Frank into exile in the United States where he has remained. But from individual tragedy can come greatness, a way to share a voice and be heard inside and outside of Haiti.

Franck’s prolific writings began with his doctoral thesis on the theme of revolt in Jean-Paul Sartre’s works. Franck was a true pioneer initiating the opening of the Black Studies department at City College in New York City. It continues with his many essays and literary critiques on Haiti’s political and social movements. He is the avant-garde for democratic change and social revolution.

From the beginning of the Haitian People’s Support Project through today, we have been inspired. His encouragement has helped keep us going through our low points.

Franck you and your brother Paul have been a driving force in guiding a whole generation of Haitian revolutionaries to never compromise principle for political or personal gain. Your productivity, commitment, and honesty spring eternal.

With deep admiration,

—Pierre and Terry Leroy publié pour la première fois dans Haïti Liberté, no. 45, 25–30 mai 2011

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