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A Call of Conscience:

Statement to the Troops

—by US War Veterans

We are veterans of the United States armed forces. We stand with the majority of humanity, including millions in our own country, in opposition to the United States’ all out war on Iraq. We span many wars and eras, have many political views and we all agree that this war is wrong. Many of us believed serving in the military was our duty, and our job was to defend this country. Our experiences in the military caused us to question much of what we were taught. Now we see our REAL duty is to encourage you as members of the US armed forces to find out what you are being sent to fight and die for and what the consequences of your actions will be for humanity.

New Yorkers demonstrating in Paris against George W. Bush’s war plans in Irak.

New Yorkers in a demonstration George W. Bush’ war agitations, February 15th, in place de la Bastille in Paris. —photo by David Henry

We call upon you, the active duty and reservists, to follow your conscience and do the right thing. In the last Gulf War, as troops, we were ordered to murder from a safe distance. We destroyed much of Iraq from the air, killing hundreds of thousands, including civilians. We remember the road to Basra—the Highway of Death—where we were ordered to kill fleeing Iraqis. We bulldozed trenches, burying people alive. The use of depleted uranium weapons left the battlefields radioactive. Massive use of pesticides, experimental drugs, burning chemical weapons depots and oil fires combined to create a toxic cocktail affecting both the Iraqi people and Gulf War veterans today. One in four Gulf War veterans is disabled.

During the Vietnam War we were ordered to destroy Vietnam from the air and on the ground. At My Lai we massacred over 500 women, children and old men.This was not an aberration, it’s how we fought the war. We used Agent Orange on the enemy and then experienced first hand its effects. We know what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder looks, feels and tastes like because the ghosts of over two million men, women and children still haunt our dreams. More of us took our own lives after returning home than died in battle.

If you choose to participate in the invasion of Iraq you will be part of an occupying army. Do you know what it is like to look into the eyes of a people that hate you to your core? You should think about what your “mission” really is. You are being sent to invade and occupy a people who, like you and me, are only trying to live their lives and raise their kids. They pose no threat to the United States even though they have a brutal dictator as their leader. Who is the US to tell the Iraqi people how to run their country when many in the US don’t even believe their own President was legally elected?

Saddam is being vilified for gassing his own people and trying to develop weapons of mass destruction. However, when Saddam committed his worst crimes the US was supporting him. This support included providing the means to produce chemical and biological weapons. Contrast this with the horrendous results of the US-led economic sanctions. More than a million Iraqis, mainly children and infants, have died because of these sanctions. After having destroyed the entire infrastructure of their country including hospitals, electricity generators, and water treatment plants, the US then, with the sanctions, stopped the import of goods, medicines, parts, and chemicals necessary to restore even the most basic necessities of life.

There is no honor in murder. This war is murder by another name. When, in an unjust war, an errant bomb dropped kills a mother and her child it is not “collateral damage,” it is murder. When, in an unjust war, a child dies of dysentery because a bomb damaged a sewage treatment plant, it is not “destroying enemy infrastructure,” it is murder. When, in an unjust war, a father dies of a heart attack because a bomb disrupted the phone lines so he could not call an ambulance, it is not “neutralizing command and control facilities,” it is murder. When, in an unjust war, a thousand poor farmer conscripts die in a trench defending a town they have lived in their whole lives, it is not victory, it is murder.

There will be veterans leading protests against this war on Iraq and your participation in it. During the Vietnam War thousands in Vietnam and in the US refused to follow orders. Many resisted and rebelled. Many became conscientious objectors and others went to prison rather than bear arms against the so-called enemy. During the last Gulf War many GIs resisted in various ways and for many different reasons. Many of us came out of these wars and joined with the anti-war movement.

If the people of the world are ever to be free, there must come a time when being a citizen of the world takes precedence over being the soldier of a nation. Now is that time. When orders come to ship out, your response will profoundly impact the lives of millions of people in the Middle East and here at home. Your response will help set the course of our future. You will have choices all along the way. Your commanders want you to obey. We urge you to think. We urge you to make your choices based on your conscience. If you choose to resist, we will support you and stand with you because we have come to understand that our REAL duty is to the people of the world and to our common future.

For more information, visit this Veterans organization’s website at: http://www.calltoconscience.net/

Veteran Signers

as of March 20, 2003

Carl C. AbrahamsonAir Force1971–1974
Lee AbramsMarine Corps1963–1967
Terry Scott AdamsArmy1964–1966
Stacy AdamsNavy1998–2002
“Chicken” David AllenArmy1989–1992
Kelly A. AllisonNavy1975–1979
Joe Amarone Jr.Army1974–1976
Fred H. AndersonMarine Corps1956–1959
Gary AndrewsArmy1962–1967
Arvid AntonsonAir Force1942–1945
Ed ArmasArmy1962–1965
Roy A. ArmstrongArmy1968–1970
Dan C. Armstrong Sr.Navy1943–1946
Norman J. ArnettCoast Guard1972–1973
Beatrice ArvaAir Force1985–1986 & Army, 1991–1993
Niall AslenRoyal Air Force1962–1986
Stephanie R. AtkinsonArmy1984–1990
Aram Attarian IIAir Force1965–1966
Paul L. AtwoodMarine Corps1965–1966
Henry AyreCoast Guard1942–1945
Collin BaberAir Force1994–1998
Eric BagaiMarine Corps1958–1961
Mack BaileyMarine Corps1964–1966
David E BakerArmy1988–1991
Norman BalabanianArmy Air Corps1943–1946
Brett BaneyMarine Corps1998–2002
Jack BarbourAir Force1966–1970
Therese Bissen BardArmy1951–1956
Thomas E. BardenArmy1968–1971
Tony BartelMarine Corps1959–1965
Lari R. BartschiArmyKorean War
Michelle L. BastianArmy1976–1979
Russell BatesNavy1967–1970
George BattonMarine Corps
Victor H. BauschArmy1966–1968
Michael J. BeardsArmy1988–1993 & 1999–2001
(Spc.4) Lila I. BendkowskaArmy1974–1976
Andy BensonArmy1992–1995
Philip L. BereanoUSPHS1966–1970
Chester V. BerryNavyWW2
Patricia BerryArmy1979–1988
Dannie Lewis BerryNavy1964–1966
Frank BessingerArmy1968–1971
James F. BichfordArmy & Army National Guard1989–1997
Anton BlackNavy1977–1984
Kenneth T. BlackshawAir Force1959–1975
Dave BlalockArmy1968–1971
Michael BlankschenArmy1972–1973
David BledsoeAir Force1987–1997
Louis BlockArmy1966–1972
David BlodgettNavy Reserve1943–1946
Carl BoggsArmy1959–1962
Charles H. BoginoArmy1981–1986
Yoon Bok-dongMarine Corps1972–1973
Robin BolsterNavy1980–1983
Charlie BonnerMarine Corps1963–1972
Blase BonpaneMarine Corps Reserve1948–1950
Ronald L. BontsemaNavy1943–1946 & Navy Reserve, 1946–1951
Brad BorlandNavy1961–1965
Fr. Bob Bossie SCJAir Force1955–1959
Allan BostelmannArmy1953–1955
Reber BoultNavy1958–1961
Roy BourgeoisNavy1962–1966
Norman Angus BowenAir Force1962–1967
Lester BowlesArmy1968–1970
Terry BownNavy1969–1973
Kathleen BoydArmy1974–1975 & 1984–1989
Horace R. BoykinMarine Corps1979–1982
Todd BoyleNavy1970–1972
Terry BraddockNavy1974–1976
Peter BradleyArmy1960–1963
Gary BramstedtAir Force1960–1965
Lt. Col Harlan E. Branby, Ret.Air Force1957–1979
William P. BrandtArmy
Blanton BreeceArmy1969–1971
Jon BrenardMarine Corps1965–1969
Steven D. BrewerMarine Corps1974–1976
Dorothy BrewingtonArmy1979–1987
Bernad BrightmanAir Force1941–1945
Bill BrittArmy1952–1955 & 1976–1996
Marjorie BroadbentAustralian Army Medical Women’s Service1939–1945
Don BroadwellMarine Corps1960–1966
Jerry BrooksAir Force1956–1959
Ron BrooksAir Force1977–1998
Jere BrowerArmy1993–2002
Geoffrey BrownArmy1969–1971
Roger W BrownMarine Corps1957–1960
Peter BrushMarine Corps1966–1968
Jon BryanNavy1964–1968
Robert BurkeMarine Corps1969–1976
Bill BurkettArmy1971–1999
William C. BurnsNavy1965–1967
Michael Duane BuryNavy1967–1970
Greg BusbyAir Force1980-2000
Paul BusbyNavy1956–1958
Larry BushArmy1968–1971
Michael Busich Sr.Marine Corps1965–1970
Jack BussellArmy1959–1979
Dan ButtsArmy1960–1963
Adrian ByersNavy1990–1996
Philip J. BylerArmy1992–1996
Betty ByrdNavy Reserve1968–1970
Leo CachatArmy1951–1953
Scott R. CadeArmy1968–1971
Kevin A. CahalanMarine Corps1967–1970
CalvinAir Force1982–1984
Scott CamilMarine Corps1965–1969
Rick CamposAir Force1969–1971
Thomas CanadayArmy1991–1994
James A. CardinArmy1966–1969
James CarrallArmy1963–1965
Jane A. CarterMarine Corps1957–1964 & Army Reserve, 1970–1980
James Michael CaseNavy Reserve2.5 years
Thomas CaseyNavy1988–1992
Stephani CastilloArmy National Guard1996-–2003
Gordon CatlinNavy1984–1990
Janice CauseyNavy1990–1999
William J. CavanaughArmy1951–1953 & Army Reserve, 1953–1982
Brian ChambersArmy1968–1971
Fredy ChampagneArmy1965–1966
David ChelimerArmy1954–1956
Guy ChichesterNavy1952–1956
Charles ChiodoArmy1968–1970
Gary A. ChipmanArmy1970–1972
Elwood A. ChirrickNavy1970–1972
Dale ChoppinArmy1962–1965
Russ ChristensenArmy1950–1954
Harold C. ChristiansenArmy1964–1966
Paul ChristmasArmy1987–1991
Patricia Tibbetts ChurchmanNavy1944–1946
Joseph CiarroccaNavy1967–1970
Andrew ClarkArmy1994–1999
Debra J. ClarkArmy1976–1984
Arthur W. Clark M.D.Army1971–1973
John ClarkeAir Force1951–1955
Judith CoatesAir Force1966–1970
Edward CoburnArmy1969–1972
Rich CohenArmy1963–1966
Joy A. (Lippert) CohenArmy1981–1991
Earl M. CohenArmy1968–1971
John ColeArmy1990–1994
George J. CollinsArmy1967–1973
Marco ColomaArmy1989–1992
Robert S. Colson Jr.Army1960–1979
Rockney ComptonArmy1967–1974
Howard R. ConantArmy1943–1946
Gerry CondonArmy1967–1975
David ConnollyArmy1967–1971
Thomas J. ConnollyArmy1965–1967
Graham ConradArmy National Guard1995–2001
Lee ConradNavy Reserve
James R. CookAir Force1969–1972
Raymond W. CookAir Force1969–1975
Cindy Marie CooleyMarine Corps1992–1996
David CoombsNavy1995–1999
Edward P. CopelinArmy1970–1971
Frank CorcoranMarine Corps1968–1969
Willis CornesArmy1966–1969
David CortrightArmy1968–1971
Roger D. CorvinCoast Guard1971–1975
Scott CossetteMarine Corps1999–2001
James CotyArmy1959–1962
Dave CoullScotland British Royal Air Force1959–1964
Davey CoullScotland SNP1939–1945
Dave CounsmanArmy1982–1986
John W. CoveyAir Force1970–1974
Carrol B. CoxAir Force1951–1955
Gary CoxArmy1952–1955
Mark CoxMarine Corps1989–1992
Charles CraigNavy1963–1965
Daniel CraigArmy1981–1993
Howard L. CraryNavy1962–1992
James M. CravenArmy1963–1966
Jack M. CrichArmy & Air Force1940–1960
Charlotte CritcherArmy1969–1971
Steve CrockerArmy1984-1087
Rick CrockettNavy1969–1971
Gary Phillip CrosbyAir Force1966–1970
Francis CrosbyArmy1970–1976
Jay CrosbyNavy1965–1969
Jack L. CrossAir Force1942–1946
Samuel Cross Jr.Air Force1959–1961
Roy CulverNavy1942–1946
Milton CunninghamNavy1943–1945
Diane CurranArmy1969–1975
Gerald CurtisArmy1953–1955 & Air Force, 1955–1974
Nancy L. CurtisNavy1968–1971
Tamara L. DagenaisAir Force1981–1988
Robert DankoArmy Reserve1964–1970
Daniel N. DaughertyAir Force1976–1980
Candice DavisNavy1975–1979
Herbert DavisArmy1965–1967
Patrick DavisArmy1970–1971
Paul DavisMarine Corps1964–1968
William DavisNavy1967–1971
D. DaxxMarine Corps1952–1954
Frank De Leon Jr.Air Force1985–1992
Robert D. DenhamArmy1964–1966
Robert B. DennisArmy1953–1955
Frank M. DePaulNavy1958–1961
Ed DesmondNavy1967–1971
Dario DiazAir Force1996–1999
Eladio DiazAir Force1974–1976
Nick DilibertoAir Force1951–1959
Carl DixArmy1968–1972
Burwell DoddArmy1956–1958
Emile DoeringArmy1997–2001
Pete DoktorArmy1986–1989
James C. Donaldson Jr.Army1965–1967
Harold P. Donle M.A.Marine Corps1966–1969
Barry DonnanBritish Army1987–1993
Thomas W. DonovanArmy1981–1992
Colleen Donovan-BatsonArmy1978–1981
Jennifer DorseyAir Force1996–1997
Pat DriscollNavy1972–1975
John DuBoisArmy1962–1965
Kenneth DuganNavy1984–1988
Chritopher D. DuganMarine Corps1995–1999
John DunkerArmy1964–1968
Roy DunnNavy1965–1971
Fred DuperraultArmy Air Force1944–1946
Dan DuveliusArmy1968–1972
Robert Frank EadieAir Force1962–1966
John P. EchavarriaAir Force1965–1969
Thomas EckArmy1970–1972
Stephen EddyAir Force1968–1972 & Reserves, 1985–1997
Thomas EdsonArmy1971–1973
Stephen R. EdwardsArmy1963–1965
Brenda EgglestonAir Force1973–1979
Timothy D. EickholtArmy1966–1969
Richard EimeNavy1982–1986
Bernie EisenbergArmy1954–1956
Joe EldredArmy1985–1998
David EldredgeNavy1953–1955
Jake ElkinsMarine Corps1965–1969
Daniel EllsbergMarine Corps1954–1957
John EricsonArmy1954–1956
Marcus EriksenMarine Corps1985–1991
Edward M. ErlandsonMarine Corps1968–1970 & Army, 1976–1986
Orlando EspinoMarine Corps
Joi EstepArmy1983–1987
Douglas C. EstesNavy1966–1969
John A. EvansArmy Air Corps1943–1946
Edward A. EvertsAir Force1941–1946
David EytchesonArmy1965–1971
Lis D. FanoCoast Guard1987–1992
Joseph C. FarahArmy1960–1963
Carole FarrisNavy Reserve1966–1970
George V. FatsiAir Force1950–1954
Bob FehribachNavy3 years
Frederick FeiedAir Force1943–1946
Amber FerenzArmy1998–2001
Mike FernerNavy1969–1973
Robert L. FieldsArmy1966–1969
Rhys FleigMarine CorpsActive Duty
Billy FloydNavy1984–1991
T. Patrick FoleyNavy1997-2000
Bob FoleyArmy1957–1959
David J. FondaArmy1968–1971
Joseph G. ForanMarine Corps1969–1970
William P. ForanCoast Guard1965–1971
Frank D. FordAir Force1950–1953 & 1961–1964
Joe ForgyArmy1944–1945
Dr. Ray FosterArmy1972–1975
Joe FowlerAir Force1966–1970
Lou FoxArmy1965
Melanye FranciscoNavy1992–1999
Stephen FrankeAir Force1956–1956
John FredericksArmy1987–1991
John W. FreelandArmy1966–1969
Samuel R. FreemanArmy1968–1970
Robert FreisNavy1951–1955
Dean FriendMarine Corps1981–1985
Jason FritzMarine Corps1996–2001
Joseph P. FurayterArmy1938–1940 & 1942–1945
Edward F. GadziemskiArmy1973–1976
John M. GallagherAir Force1967–1969
Bart GambardelloNavy1977–1982
India Mahdi GamboaAir Force1985–1987
Carl GantAir Force1965–1986
Alfonoso GarciaArmy1970–1972
Kevin GardnerAir Force1977–1983
David B. GardnerArmy1953–1955
John GearNavy1978–1989
Michael B. GehlArmy1973–1976
Heather Gehron-RiceCoast Guard1992–1996
Jim GibsonArmy1968–1970
Stuart R GillespieArmy1958–1961
Jack GilroyArmy1953–1956
Eugene T. GiovanazziAir Force1951–1954
Paul GlazzardBritish Army1977–1984
Robert B. GodwinArmy1953–1955
Stanley A. GoffArmy1970–1996
Ernest GoiteinArmy1943–1945
Jay R. GoodmanArmy1969–1970
Theodore W. GoodmanAir Force Reserve1943–1946 & 1951–1955
Amy C. GoodrichArmy1997–2002
R. Thomas GoodwinMarine Corps1969–1971
Sissy GoodwinAir Force1965–1976
James F. GormanMarine Corps1966–1968
John GourleyArmy Air Corps1944–1946
Darrell L. GrayArmy1948–1952
Todd GreenwoodMarine Corps1993–2001
Warren R. GreerNavy Reserve1943–1945
Nona Lee GreggAir Force1962–1969
A.J. GrimmNavy1946–1946 & 1951–1953
R. C. GuerreroMarine Corps1964–1968
Josef GutenkaufArmy1943–1946
Edmonde HaddadAir Force1951–1954
Lawrence HagertyNavy1966–1969
Steven HainesNavy1963–1966
Dennis HaldemanNavy1971-73
Linda J. HalfordArmy1968–1969
Kev HallNavy1973–1978
Harry G. HallNavy1965–1979
Ray HambletonArmy1968–1970
Robert Charles Hamilton IIINavy1986–1990
Jane D. HammMarine Corps1943–1945
James HamonAir Force1954–1956
Robert HaneganArmy1966–1969 & Air Force, 1981–1989
John HanrahanArmy1961–1963
John HanscomAir Force1968–1990
Bob HansonArmy1954–1956
James F. HarringtonAir Force1966–1967
David HarrisAir Force1965–1967
Phillip HarrisAir Force2000–present
Charles D. HartikArmy1964–1966
BJ HartzellArmy1969–1972
Martin HarwayneArmy1843–1946
Gayle J. HasleyNavy1963–1984
Mike HastieArmy1969–1972
William T. HathawayArmy1964–1967
Mike HavenarMarine Corps1958–1962
Edward HavitzArmy1951–1953
Kim HawkinsNavy1985–1991
Robert G. Hawthorne1943 1946
Carl M. HayAir Force1968–1969
Mike HazardCoast Guard1970–1976
Rev. Richard K. Heacock Jr.Navy1944–1946
Gordon Cliff HeegelArmy1979–1986
Glenn HelkennArmy7 years
Benjamin B. HendersonNavy1979–2001
Cheryl B. Henderson, YN1, USNR-RNavy Reserve1974–1998
Dud HendrickAir Force1963–1967
Daryl HenegarAir Force1977–1996
Robert L. HennelArmy1969–1970
Edwin H. HenneseyMarine Corps1957–1967 & Air Force, 1971–1975
Rodger HerbstArmy1969–1971
Andres HernandezNavy Reserve1979–1985
Cesar F. HernandezMarine Corps1967–1970
Steven A. HesslerAir Force1973–1975
John HeuerMerchant Marine1967–1968
James HibbardArmy1955–1957
Douglas HiggsArmy1969–1971
Percy HiloAir Force1966–1970
Steve HinesCoast Guard1989–1994
Oliver HirschAir Force1966–1968
Francis L. Hiser IIINavy1980–present
Carl HitchensMarine Corps1967–1969
John HockmanArmy1963–1965
Steve HoffmanNavy1977–1983
Dale HoffmannNavy1956–1959
Larry HolmesArmy1971–1972
Gary HornfeldNavy Reserve1968–1970
Michael HoveyNavy1971–1976
Arthur M. HowardArmy Air Force1944–1947
Walter HrozenchikNavy1951–1955
Mark HuberNavy Reserve1961–1971 & 1951–1955
Ed HutchinsonNavy1942–1946
James Patrick HynesBritish Army1940s
A. S. Mahdi Ibn-ZiyadAir Force1961–1969
Todd IkardNavy1961–1965
Theresa IkardAir Force1974–1978
David M. IonnoArmy1970–1971
Michael IsabellNavy1990–1992
Susan IvesArmy1977–1992
Leo JacobsArmy1942-I946
Juliet JacobsenAir Force1997–2002
Anasazi JamesMarine Corps & Navy1983–1997
Arthur JamesArmy1969–1970
Harold B. JamisonAir Force20 years
Charles JannuziArmy National Guard1980–1988 & Army Reserve, 1988–1989
Allen L. JassonAustralian Army1972–1974
Thomas JelfArmy1950–1953
Joseph A. Jennings IIIArmy1967–1970
Michael L. JobArmy1968–1970
Ralph JohansenArmy3 years
Eric Edward JohanssonArmy1989–1992
Jewel R. JohnsonNavy1944–1946
Lance JohnsonArmy1992–1996
Mark JohnsonArmy1988–1992
Steve JohnsonArmy1967–1970
William JohnsonNavy1961–1965
Amber JohnsonArmy National GuardAug 2000–present
James C. JohnstonArmy1966–1968
Mike JordanNavy1966–1970
Timothy G. JordanAir Force1971–1974 & Army National Guard, 1979–1981 & Army Reserves, 1985–1987
Laurie JosueAir Force1986–1990
Eric JoyalArmy1989–1996
Sharon JoynerArmy1976–1979
Olaniyan Kanissa’aiNavy1972–1974
Jim KarasArmy1968–1981
Thomas V. KarlinNavy1956–1960
James Michael KearneyArmy1963–1965
Eric KeesNavy1975–1981
Shelly R. KekesArmy National Guard1978–1982
Ray KellArmy1945–1946
Gerald KellerArmy1977–1981
Jim KellerNavy1987–1991
Keith KellerAir Force1966–1972
Charles KelleyMarine Corps1965–1967
Elizabeth A. KellyNavy1975–1977
Gary E. KellyArmy1989–1998
Harold E. Kelly Jr.Air Force1977–1984
Jesse E. KernArmy1953–1954
George KerschenArmy1966–1969
George M. KesselringAir Force1942–1963
Gerald KesslerAir Force1940–1945
Talat KhanAir Force1986–1992
Peretz KidronIsraeli Defense Force1954–1957
Richard L. KilgoreMarine Corps1965–1967
Melanie Carlone KilmarxNavy1987–1993
Charles KilmerArmy1967–1970
Harold LM KimballArmy1990–2001
Neil Howard KingBritish1984–1998
Robert A. KinseyMarine Corps1955–1961
Robert KirkconnellAir Force1967–1994
Karl KitchenAir Force1981–1985
Michael G. KlaffNavy1969–1973
Ralf KleinGerman Airforce1974–1986
Gregory John KlevenMarine Corps1966–1976
Greg KlevenMarine Corps1966–1968
Leif KlokkevoldArmy1994-2000
Ronald KnarrMarine Corps1950–1952
Daniel KnowlesArmy1998–2001
Ibrahim KobeissiMarine Corps Reserveuntil 2006
Justin KodnerArmy1952–1954
Ron KovicMarine Corps1964–1968
Raymond KraussMarine Corps1969–1972
Robert KrezewinskiNavy1973–1977
Col(Ret) Duane A. KuhlmannAir Force1943–1974
Marty KunzNavy1970–1976
Krystal KyerNavy1993–1997
Michelle LaBrosseAir Force1980–1987
Mike LadichMarine Corps1943–1946
Edwin LainhartNavy1964–1968
Jack A. LancasterNavyWW2
Dustin S LangleyNavy1986–1994
Greg D. LanningNavy1982–1986
Dennis LaPlantArmy1966–1969
Doug LaughlinAir Force1987–1992
Dwight LawtonNavy1953–1957
Michael LawtonNavy1962–1965
Mark LaythorpeAir Force1976–1980
Robert Brittain LeachArmy1961–1964
Bryan J. LedouxArmy1976–1980 & 1988–1999
Kenneth M. LeeArmy1970–1973
Norm LeeAir Force1947–1954
Larry LeflerNavy1966–1970
William T. LeichnerMarine Corps1967–1969
Tim LennonArmy1965–1968
Bob LeslieArmy1968–1969
Lew LevensonNavy1948–1985
Michael LevinNavy1956–1960
John L. LevyNavy Reserve1942–1946
Oswald LewinterArmy1950–1985
Brian LewisAir Force1982–1988
Dan LewisNavy Reserve1976–1995
Janet Marie LewisArmy1989–1993
Neal LidenNavy1965–1969
Norman LintonArmy1951–1954
Janine LockwoodArmy1975–1978
Edward M. LongArmy1943–1945
William L. LordArmy1962–1965
Tom LorenzAir Force1967–1989
Charles LuceAir Force1955–1959
Jon David LucoreArmy1992–1996
Larry LugarArmy1960–1966
Jerome M. LuiArmy1944–1946
Keth LukeArmy1967-69
Carrie LundbergAir Force1983–1991
James LynchArmy1971–1973
Donald M. LyngArmy Reserve1991–1995 & Army, 2001–present
John LynnArmy Reserve1962–1968
John Thomas Mac LeanArmy1943–1946
Fred W. MacArthur Jr.Air Force1958–1983
Lee MagnusonNavy Reserve1956–1962
Denis MaguireNavy1941–1942 & Army Air Corps, 1942–1946
Anthony MallinNavy1943–1945 & Navy Reserve, 1950–1951
Donald F. MapleNavy1945–1946
George MariscalArmy1968–1970
Gary D. MartinArmy1966–1968
Brandy Martinez-RogersArmy1996–1997
Alan C. MaskellArmy1968–1971
Roger N. MatherlyNavy1972–1976
Jonathan O. MattesonArmy1983–1991
Joseph MayMarine Corps1953–1955
Robert MayerArmy National Guard1970–1971
Kenneth E. MayersMarine Corps1958–1966 & Reserve, 1966–1978
Rela MazaliIsrael Defense Force1966–1968
George McAnanamaArmy1966–1968
Mark McClearyNavy1996–2002
O’Kelly McCluskeyNavy1944–1946 & Air Force, 1953–1957
Jim McCombeArmy1953–1955
Perry McCorkleArmy1981–1985
Carl B. McCoyArmy1966–1969
Paul James McCoyNavy1943–1945
James P. McCrumbNavy1967–1970
Bruce McFarlandNavy1982–1986
Joe H. McFatter, Jr.Air Force1969–1972
Jim McGowenNavy1969–1972
C. Andrew McGuffinMarine Corps1990–1994
Capt. Jim McIntyreNavy Reserve1962–1968
Allen McKinnisMarine Corps1972–1974
Jim McWattArmy1.5 years
Sheila MeadowsAir Force1979–1985
Norman MeadowsAir Force1982-2000
Carl MeaseMarine Corps1965–1969
Teresa MediaNavy1972–1977
Al MelvilleNavy1985–1991
Katherine I. MengesArmy1984–1994
Lloyd D. MercerArmy1965–1968
Norman T. MerkelArmy1967–1969
Nathaniel I. MerwinArmy1993–2001
Barbara MichaelArmy1977–1980 & Army Reserve, 1980–1997
Dale MillerNational Guard1978–2003
Greg MillerArmy1966–1968
Norman S. MillerArmy1939–1946
Ronnie D. MillerArmy3 years
Will MillerArmy Security Agency1957–1962
Dr. Dennis W. MillsArmy1966–1969
Jack MinassianArmy1943–1945
Joshua MinchenArmy1997-2000
Hank Missenheim Jr.Marine Corps1979–1982
Rob MoitozaNavy1965–1971
George MolinaMarine Corps1968–1970
James W. MooreAir Force1950–1954
Michael MooreArmy1975–1979
Paul S. MoorheadNavy1943–1946
Austin MoranNavy1978–1985
Dale L. MorganAir Force1956–1960
David Rees MorganBritish Royal Air Force1948–1950
Catherine MorrisMarine Corps1981–1985 & Army National Guard, 1989–1996
Rob MorrisArmy1965–1969
William MorrisAir Force1979–1999
Bryan MorrisonAir Force1994–1998
Paul Pat MorseAir Force1965–1968
Steve MorseArmy1969–1971
Nancy MrazikNavy1979–1992
Sheree A. MullenArmy1974–1980
Charles F. MunatArmy & Navy1979–1985
Carlos Munoz Jr.Army1959–1962
Eric W. MunsonArmy1985–1995
Joanne MurphyArmy Corps of Engineer2 years
Robert J. MurphyNavy Reserve1943–1967 & Navy, 1950–1953
Frederick A. MurrayArmy1976–1980
John L. MurrayArmy1971–1973
Germane NachiousNational Guard1994-2000
Dr. Thomas J. NagyJROTC1958–1960 & ROTC, 1962–1964
Greg NeesMarine Corps1969–1971
John Paul NettletonMarine Corps1967–1971
Joan Duffy NewberryAir Force1968–1970
John NiemiArmy1968–1970
Stan NishimuraArmy1964–1967
Jim NorthrupMarine Corps1961–1966
Tom NorwoodArmy1952–1954
Edward J. NovickiMarine Corps1973–1978
Robert NuzumNavy1950–1953
Aka OceabMarine Corps1966–1968
Gerard O’ConnorArmy1985–1991
Jerome P. O’MaraArmy1966–1968
William D. O’NeilAir Force1951–1955
Greg A. O’NeillNavy1970–1974 & Army, 1979–1983
John L. OppermanNavy1951–1970
T. E. OrigerMarine Corps1967–1969
Victor L. OrtizArmy32 years
Ralph Osbon1969–1971
Clyde J. OskinsNavy1944–1946
Doug OsmondArmy4 years
Brian OuelletteNavy1996-2000
Raynard Dean PackardArmy1985–1988
Wayne Evan Packwood1964–1968
Roy 0. Padilla IIIMarine Corps1984–1992
John J. PagodaAir Force1965–1968 & 1985–1998
Todd A. PapasaderoArmy1983–1989
John PappademosNavy Reserve1943–1946
George W. PardingtonNavy1971–1991
Jeff PatersonMarine Corps1986–1990
Tom PatteeArmy1969–1972
Paul PawlowskiArmy1996-2000
Norman L. PearmanArmy1950–1952
Sidney PeckNavy1944–1946
Richard PedersenNavy Reserve1955–1959
Joe PeitteAir Force1966–1969
Robert PerrottaArmy1966–1968
James PerryMarine Corps1966–1968
Phil PerryNavy1968–1972
William Mark PeterNavy1991–1993
Jan M. PetersonArmy1974–1980
Michael PheltsArmy2001–present
Dean C. PikoulasArmy1968–1971
William A. PillarArmy Air Corp1944–1946
Jerry PittmanArmy1972–1975
Mike PlylarAir Force1973–1977
Seth PollackArmy1988–1997
Joseph W. PottsMarine Corps1970–1972
Mark A. PottsAir Force1991–1993
Wilson M. PowellAir Force1950–1954
Joseph M. PowersArmy1970–1971
Robert PuettArmy1986–1993
George PumphreyArmy1968–1970
Guillermo QuebralArmy1966–1970
William Arthur RaabNavy Reserve1943–1946
Father Bob RademacherArmy1942–1946
Charles N. RainesArmy1980–1984
Keith RashallAir Force1964–1967
Douglas ReevesArmy1990–1995
John ReganArmy1990–1991
Charles A. ReynoldsArmy1952–1954
Robert E. ReynoldsAir Force1950–1957
Tim RichardsAir Force Reserve1970–1973
John P. RichardsonArmy1988–1990
Dana Richter1967–1971
Timothy RiemanArmy1983–1987
Jerry D. RileyArmy1953–1955
Charles Riley Jr.Army1962–1965
Ervine M. RipsArmy1942–1946
Roger RitchieNavy1965–1967
Robert RoachNavy1974–1978
Douglas RobbinsAir Force1952–1956
Norman M. RobersonMarine Corps1960-–1971
Don RobertsNavy1978–1988
Marcia Furayter RobertsArmy1983–1991
Joe RodriguezCoast Guard1983–1991
Robert J. RogersAir Force1951–1953
James H. RomerArmy1954–1956
Irwin A. RoseNavyWWII
Robert L. RosenbergArmy1944–1946
Samuel M. RossMerchant Seaman1941–1946
Eric M. RossNavy1989–1994
Pete RostowMarine Corps1972–1974
Randy RowlandArmy1967–1970
George RubinArmy Air Force1943–1945
John RueckertMarine Corps1967–1969
Linda S. RuffiniArmy1980–1984
Antonio RuizArmy1983–1992
Joseph A. RuizArmy1971–1972
Phillip RumpleAir Force2000–2003
Shannon RumpleAir Force2000–present
Felix RusnakArmy2 years
Steven J. RussellMarine Corps1969–1972
James RyanArmy1962–1967
Rodney A. RylanderAir Force1962–1967
Steven E. SaelzlerArmy1969–1971
Kenna E. SanderArmy1982–1985
Emile E. Sander IVMarine Corps1980-2000
Lee SantaArmy1965–1968
William F. Santelmann Jr.Marine Corps & Air Force Reserve1954–1957
Luis Manuel SantiagoArmy6 years
Patrick SantyAir Force1966–1970
Lisa A. SarinelliArmy1981–1985
Scott SatterwhiteNavy1990–1999
Dan ScaarlettArmy1943–1945
Dwight E. Scarbrough IINavy1975–1980
Paul SchaeferAir Force1960–1964
Larry SchartmanNavy1971–1975
Richard Hermann SchmidtNavy1957–1960
Louis Anthony Schmittroth Jr.   Army1943–1956
Ken SchneiderAir Force1960–1964
Nikko SchochArmy1968–1970
Larry SchwabArmy1967–1968
Allen T. SchwartzNavy1990–1991
David SchwenkNavy1976–1980
Ken SchwilkArmy1968–1969
Steven R. Kim ScipesMarine Corps1969–1973
Betty R. ScottNavy1943–1945
Richard ScottAir Force1961–1965
Walter M. ScottArmy1960–1962
George SeamanArmy1971–1975
Briggs SeekinsArmyGulf War
Melanie G. SelbyArmy National Guard1985–1995
Jason SeldersArmy2002–present
Esther SerranoMarine Corps1968–1969
Patricia J. SewellArmy1969–1971
Burt ShachterAir Force1944–1946
Richard ShafferMarine Corps1956–1959
Dr. Edward H. ShafferArmy1942–1946
Earl J. SharpArmy1965–1967
Peter B. ShawMarine Corps1951–1954
Danny L. ShawArmy1966–1968
Paul A. SheehanAir Force1988–1992
Victoria ShillingfordArmy1994–2003
James ShockleyArmy1975–1978
James F. ShockleyArmy1975–1979
Andrew ShowalterArmy1966–1971
Larry ShuteArmy1952–1954
Vern SimulaArmy1954–1956
Larry SkwarczynskiArmy1963–1966
William O. SlaymanNavy1943–1946
Bob Slentz-KeslerArmy1990–1992
Bradley SmithNavy1974–1980
Charles T. SmithArmy1969–1971
Robert SmithNavy1971–1974
Thomas SmithAir Force1965–1969
Mark SmithNavy
Robert Grover Smith Jr.Army1967–1997
Douglas C. SmythArmy Security Agency1961–1964
Valarie SnellArmy1990-2000
Tracey William SnyderNavy1994–1998
Lawrence SobczykNavy1966–1969
Matthew D. SorensenArmy1977–1980
Robert SorrellNavy1963–1967
Ron SouthanArmy1967–1970
Herbert F. SpirerNavy1943–1946
Steve SpringerArmy1967–1970
Carl R. StancilNavy1965–1971
Phil StantonNavy1959–1971
James StarowiczNavy1967–1971
Joe SteeleAir Force1966–1970
John SteinbachCoast Guard1965–1969
Bryce StephenArmy1968–1971
Robert StephensMarine Corps1966–1970
Joe SternAir Force1941–1946
Vernon M. StevensArmy1941–present
John D. StickleAir Force1966–1970
Ted StolzeAir Force1979–1980
William B. Strange Jr.Army1967–1970
Roy L. StreitNavy1967–1968
Harold Strom25 years
Tom SturtevantNavy1950–1954
James SudduthAir Force1970–1974
Victor SudikArmy1966–1968
Michel E. SullivanNavy1974–1980
Donovan SullivanAir Force1972–1976
Darnell S. SummersArmy1966–1970
Scott SumnerAir Force1969–1972
Amos SunshineArmy
Leslie W. SuttonAir Force1973–1993
Carole A. SuttonAir Force1979–1982
Charles W. SweetArmy1942–1946
Thomas SwiftArmy1953–1955
Harold TaggartAir Force1959–1964
Toby Tahja-SyrettArmy1992–1996
Bruce William TaylorNavy10 years
d’andre TeeterNavy1965–1966
Thomas TempskeCoast Guard1972–1976
Anthony TestaArmy1962–1965
Elliott TetersArmy1977–1980
John ThigpenNavy1966–1970
Mr. Whallen ThomasMarine Corps1965–1969
Joe ThompsonArmy1958–1961
William R. ThompsonMarine Corps1964–1968
Jeremiah J. TimminsMarine Corps1992–1997
Edward L. TonningsenArmy1943–1946
Willard TowerArmy1967–1970
Robert TravalineAir Force1968–1972
Clare TremperMarine Corps1980–1986
Tom TriggArmy1967–1975
Gregg TullNavy Reserve1975–1981
Gabriella TurekNavy Reserve1989–2002
Michael F. TurekAir Force1968–1972
Christopher TurnerArmy1994–1997
Stanley Ray TurpinArmy1987–1992
Peggy Tuxen-AkersArmy1969–1972
Michael UhlArmy1967–1969
Joe UrgoAir Force1966–1970
Tom UrgoArmy1968–1970
Steven ValleeAir National Guard1989–present
Gretchen VanekArmy1970–1972 & 1990–1991
Michael VaughanNavy1976–1980
Wendy VeithArmy1980–1984
Frederick J. Vermillion1951–1955
Kurt VonnegutArmy1943–1945
Robert VreelandArmy1967–1969
Gerald WaiteArmy1967–1982
George WaldmanAir Force1966–1970
Paul J. WalkerAir Force1974–1978
John WalkerMarine Corps1950–1955
Michael WallschlaegerMarine Corps1983–1986
Robert Lee Jimmy WardAir Force1954–1963
Jim WardAir Force1954–1963
Tom WardAir Force1959–1963
Winston WarfieldArmy1967–1970
Kevin WarnerArmy1985–1989
William H. Warrick III MDArmy Security Agency1968–1971
John WarrinerAir Force1964–1969
Eric WasileskiNavy1993–1999
Brian G. WatkoArmy1992–1996
Cora Tula WattersMarine CorpsKorean Era
Carl WebbArmy1982–present
Kenneth WeeksMarine Corps1960–1966
Chris WelchAir Force1984–1988
Jeff WelchNavy1984–1988
Michael WelshArmy1970–1973
Joel WendlandArmy1991–1993
Jerry WestMarine Corps1965–1970
Phillip WhitakerAir Force1973–1981
Chris WhiteMarine Corps1994–1998
Michael WhiteArmy1992–1997
Roy W. WhiteAir Force1949–1953
Tim WhiteAir Force1966–1970
Darrell WidnerNavy1977–1981
David Wiggins MDArmyGulf War
E. Duane WilkersonAir Force1969–1973
Sonny WilliamsArmy1966–1970
Glenn Winestead M.D.Army Medical Corp1971–1972
John P. WirtzArmy1943–1946
Tim WitheeNavy1968–1972
James WojtkowskiNavy1969–1972
Gene WolfArmy1953–1955
Mike WongArmy1969–1975
Robert J. “Woody” WoodruffArmy1966–1970
Jim WoodsCoast Guard1969–1972
Paul WrightArmy1983–1987
William YatesNavy1943–1946
Leonard ZablowArmy1945–1946
Luis ZamoraArmy1948–1971
Jeff ZamrzlaMarine Corps1974–1976
Richard M. ZanerAir Force1951–1958
Eddie ZawaskiNavy1967–1968
Howard ZinnAir Force1943–1945
David C. ZoeschNavy1970–1975
Greg ZoladArmy1967–1969
John ZollArmy1982–1996
Tom ZolloArmy1958–1961

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