Poetry of Conscience

Tontongi at the
Lizard Lounge with
the Jeff Robinson Trio

1667 Mass Ave. Cambridge, MA

A portrait of Tontongi The front cover of “In the Beast’s Alley, a book of poetry by Tontongi

Sunday November 24th, 2013
9:00 pm–11:00 pm

A book release reading
Followed by open mic

“Tontongi is a political poet in the best sense of that term. He is a poet of solidarity, who writes of, and speaks for, suffering humanity all around him.”

—Martín Espada, writer, poet

“The poet is immensely engaged in our language, whether writing about Mumia Abu-Jamal, Gaza, the Haitian earthquake, the Boston Marathon bombing and the like. A Tontongi triumph of righteousness, poem after poem after poem.”

—Jack Hirschman, Revolutionary Poets Brigade

“In the Beast’s Alley is poetry of conscience penetrating centuries of epic resistance to bring us testimonies to our humanity through shared suffering and resilience up to the present… This is writing that resurrects comradeship as poetic act.”

—Anna Wexler, writer, educator and playwright

The Lizard Lounge

Address: 1667 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138
Web site: http://lizardloungeclub.com
Phone: (617) 547-0759
Admission: $5

Reference: www.tanbou.com; Trilingual Press: www.tanbou.com/trilingualpress